Our Beautiful Blinds Roller Blind Guide

Measuring up for your new Beautiful Blinds? Simply follow our step-by-step directions and give your room that spectacular finishing touch it deserves.

Where Will the Blind Hang?

Firstly, you will need to decide if your blind will fit inside or outside the window space. Use a metal tape measure for accuracy and have a pen and paper ready to note down all your measurements.

Recess fitting

If you want to fit your roller blind within your window recess, measure the width of the window, starting at the top. Check there’s nothing within the recess that could prevent the blind from being fully extended such as handles or other fixtures and use the edges of the window recess as your guide.

Now measure across the middle and bottom of the window. When you have three measurements, use the smallest as your final figure.

Take three measurements over the height of your window, too. This will be from the lintel to the sill. Measure on the left, right and middle. Choose the smallest measurement as your drop height.

Outside recess fitting

Starting at the top, measure across the width of the window. When you have your measurement, add an additional 150mm.

If you want your roller blind to fit outside your window.

Then measure across the middle and the bottom of the window, adding 150mm to each figure. The smallest number will be the final one.

Once you have your width, measure from the top of where your fitting will sit, to where you want it to drop. With an outside recess fitting, this can be below the sill, providing there are no obstructions.

Once you have chosen how your blinds will hang and you have your final measurements, you can start shopping for your beautiful new blind! Just choose which design you like and select one of our standard sizes from the dropdown.

If you require made-to-measure blinds, please email us at info@cheneypenrosedesigns.com with your measurements and preferred design. We will get back to you with a quote and start work on creating your beautiful new blinds for you.