Who We Are

A Devonshire girl at heart, Cheney Penrose’s passion for creating beautiful homewares started on the potters wheel. From this love for creation, her education led on to graduate in fine art, interior and 3-dimensional design.

Internationally known for her ‘Wild Summer’ series of paintings, and figurative sculptures, Cheney has spent a decade living in the Middle East, exhibiting artworks in Bahrain, Dubai and Singapore.

What We Do

Cheney is a well-travelled artist, who has been creating hand-made ceramics, sculptures and artworks since leaving college. Her time abroad, developed a deeper level of appreciation for the British seasons, which can be seen in her work. The rich colour palettes and contrasts shaped by nature, burst through each stage of the year and in turn through Cheney’s product range.

A recent move back to England has led Cheney, now based on the Surrey/Hampshire borders to further develop her latest collection. These influences have helped build the essence of her designs by embracing the comfort of home with warmth, tradition, quality, and elegance.

Cheney Penrose Designs was launched to bring her unique vision and contemporary art into everyday living. Each product has been designed and created to combine beautiful hand painted artwork with the finest British production methods. Family values are at the heart of Cheney Penrose Designs. The current team is led by her husband Aaron, and her eldest daughter Ebony. The team is incredibly lucky to have the support and sewing genius of Tracy Budden, without whom many of the fabulous fabric products would not exist.

Cheney’s aim is to bring stunning visual design and the highest quality products into your home for everyday use, whether as a gift to yourself or others.

It is a combination of these themes, which unite every range and product, making each piece a unique work of art.